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 EF High School Exchange Coordinator


I am a local coordinator looking for loving, volunteer host families for exchange students to attend MCC. Have you ever considered being a part of this life-changing experience? As a host family, you choose your student from a list of profiles based on your family's interests and activities. The student lives in your home as a participating family member. They attend school and share their culture with you, all while learning about American culture. Families provide the exchange students with meals at home, a bed and a safe/nurturing home environment and family life. Students and their parents are responsible for paying for their own personal needs, activities, school supplies, clothing and entertainment.

All of our students speak English, are thoroughly screened to participate in our program and have shown they have the maturity and academic ability to be successful in a host family and American high school setting. The program is very rewarding and offers a unique experience to learn about another culture, bring cultural awareness into your community and schools and to create lifelong connections by having a family member across the globe. Exchange students get very excited about everyday things we take for granted like selecting classes, pep assemblies, prom, school sports, and American holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Even riding a yellow school bus or eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich are things they have never experienced! Host families come in all different shapes and sizes such as "empty nesters", families with small children, families with elementary age children or high school children or a combination, some live in town, others in the country. Will you consider taking this opportunity to change another person's life, and yours, in the process? Please contact me for additional information. I would be glad to send you a list of student profiles and answer your questions.

Shannon Rhodes   507-227-7057     
EF High School Exchange coordinator

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