ECFE is a program for parents/caregivers and their children from birth to kindergarten entrance. We offer fun play and learning experiences that encourage the development of skills and readiness for school, and information and support for parents.

ECFE is a relaxed, fun place to meet other families with young children, and play and learn together. It is staffed by a licensed early childhood teacher, parent educator, and paraprofessional support as needed.

Each class is comprised of 3 components:

Parent Time - adults are provided the opportunity to share information and ideas on common challenges with the guidance of a licensed Parent Educator. This includes group discussions on topics selected by parents, workshops, speakers on specific topics, and information on and referrals to other community resources

Child Time - Children participate with their peers in play and learning activities carefully planned and staffed by licensed early childhood teachers and trained paraprofessionals

Parent/Child Time - Activities are set up that are designed for learning and provide opportunities for parents and children to relax and have fun together.

For more information on any of our programs please contact Sam Wynia at 507-836-6945 or samantha.wynia@mcc.mntm.org