public schools week

In many ways, public schools in Minnesota are interwoven into the fabric of our state, yet they are often overlooked. Therefore, during this week, February 27–March 3, we celebrate public schools and consider how they affect us all. 

For generations, public schools have been the center of our communities. Public schools are places where all families feel welcomed and where all children, regardless of their background, race, ethnicity, native language, zip code, or socioeconomic status, are loved, respected, and celebrated. 

In the Murray County Central School District, we are especially proud of the dedication of past generations of leaders who worked to ensure that our children received a quality education. Although our public schools have served our communities for decades, they are constantly evolving. In our district and in public schools across Minnesota, teachers, staff members, and administrators work with our families to ensure that the next generation of graduates has the knowledge and skills required for a successful future. 

As we celebrate Public Schools Week, we recognize the amazing individuals who teach students in the classroom, drive school buses, prepare nutritious meals, support students’ mental and emotional health, maintain and repair buildings, and give so much of themselves to support our schools and our students. 

We also recognize that public schools are a significant economic driver for our communities, as they prepare students for not only today’s jobs but also the future jobs required for our dynamic economy. It is no wonder that the state’s economy is connected to the quality of our public schools. 

We must not take the historical success of public schools for granted. Instead, we must acknowledge that this success is the result of the hard work and investment of generations of Minnesotans who came before us. We must care for the gift of public school education that we will hand to future generations. 

Our schools cannot do it alone. They need the assistance of our families and communities to provide the resources and support needed to help students thrive. During Public Schools Week, let’s show our support for the Murray County Central School District and the dedicated people who work tirelessly to provide a high-quality education for all of our children.