Did you know that MN has state standards for early childhood, just like K-12?  

The MN standards for early education are called the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards (ECIPs). The areas of learning covered by the ECIPs include physical and movement development; language, literacy and communications; cognitive; mathematics; science; social systems; approaches to learning; the arts; and social and emotional development.  

The ECIPs are a continuum of learning for children from birth to kindergarten entrance. They address the development and learning of ALL children, including typically developing children, dual language learners, children with disabilities, and children with high needs. They are not an all-inclusive resource about how each child is expected to develop, but rather a selection of important developmental expectations that highlight the learning and skills children need in order to be prepared for kindergarten and to continue as life-long learners.

All of our Early Education opportunities at MCC, including Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) and Little Rebels Preschool, use these standards as the foundation for our curriculums! 

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