Free meal application

As children return to school, it’s important to turn in your family’s school meal application. You need to complete a benefits application every year.  If you qualify for free or reduced meals, that status does carry over for the first 30 days of the next school year.  This allows time to complete a new application and have it processed.  If you fail to do so, meals served will be at full price and Parents/Guardians are responsible for those charges.

Have your circumstances changed recently?  Our community has had many situations arise in the past 12 months that very well could have changed your financial situation.  There is assistance available! 

Many are surprised to find out that they qualify, and turning in this application helps every child in the school. All students who qualify for school meals will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.

Strong participation in school breakfast and lunch helps to sustain our meal program including locally sourced foods. There are also many other benefits: the amount of grant money our school receives, and the opportunity to serve meals at no charge to every student during the summer months, is all based on the percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced meals.

Utilizing MCC’s food service program allows children ready access to nutritious meals prepared at school, saving families time and money each day. In particular, breakfast participation has been shown to improve behavior and academic performance, helping kids start the day right and perform at their very best. Participation in school meals also helps families stretch food budgets to purchase more and better foods for meals served at home, meaning children have the important nutritional resources they need all day long, all year-round.

When you turn in your child’s application for school meals, you are making a big difference, not just for your family, but for everyone in the community and for all the students at our school.

Paper applications are available in each school building.  Electronic applications are also available in your JMC Parent Portal – if you need help logging in, contact the school.  If you have specific questions about the application or the program or would like an application mailed to you, don’t hesitate to email or call 507-836-6184 ext 4149.


Free Meal Application