2nd Grade Pioneer Day

The 2nd graders had an awesome Pioneer Day on Friday, October 11.  They started the day at the Murray County Historical Museum.  Thank you to Janet Timmerman for organizing the tour. Luann Parker showed the children how to make butter with a churn.  Margaret Kluis was in the log cabin and shared stories about pioneer life. The students learned about making apple cider from Mark and Janet Timmerman. Travis Spartz and Daryl Boots brought their teams of horses to school and gave the children a ride in their wagons.  In the afternoon the students participated in several pioneer activities…stitching samplers, cat’s cradle, marbles, quill pen writing, corn husk wreaths and checkers in the classrooms with Mrs. Gillette, Mrs. Bobeldyk and Mrs. Fraser. A sincere thank you to all of the volunteers who made Pioneer Day special for the children.

Travis Spartz Darly Boots

Megan Kruger Sarah Baumgartner

Marliyn Carlson Kim Holm

Krista Keller Austin Ludolph

Nick Hodgson Ali Joens

Joe Meyer Darcie Heezen

Sarah Johnson Craig Gillette

Celeste Aamodt Sonya Beek

Marcy Wittrock Crystal Reith

Judy Harms Sue Schreier

Kelly Nelson Sue Isder

Leslie Gens Kim Hause

Lauren Biegler Debra Lee

Cari Larson Sharie Bergman

Jill Pieske Suzi Gengler

Nancy Moberg