MCA Score Comparison- Area Schools

Last month we received our ACT school report as we do each year around this time.  The ACT is a college entrance exam that students usually take during their Junior year that measures a student’s high school knowledge and college readiness.  The scores from this year’s ACT data was for the graduating class of 2019.  Scores are always staggered about a year and a half from when a group of students takes the test to when the data is reported for each group.  I am pleased to announce that the composite score of all assessed areas (23.2) earned by our students on this year’s report was the highest recorded score on file at Murray County Central going back 20 years.  While this in and of itself is an accomplishment to celebrate, it is really a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our students, staff, and families working alongside their children to reinforce the great education student are receiving here at MCC.  Our community is truly blessed to have such talent within our schools.  We have much to celebrate in our district this year from outstanding academic accomplishments to our top notch extracurricular programming, both of which continue to promote our Rebel Pride and community spirit. 

As we look at our test scores from the latest round of Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs), our district continues to score higher than the state average in all assessed areas- reading, math and science.  In fact, even with the statewide decline in test scores last year, when we compare our district proficiency scores to the schools in our area of southwest Minnesota, we ranked second in reading and science and third in math.  We talk a lot about a tradition of excellence here at MCC.  Over the last several years, we have consistently ranked in the top three districts in SWMN.  We attribute this success to the hard work of our students, tireless effort of our staff, and full support of our community all working together to provide opportunities for students to achieve their highest potential.  Everyone from our teachers, volunteers, support staff, community members, students and parents deserves recognition for this accomplishment. Congratulations and thank you for the work you do on a daily basis to ensure every child is successful in school and life.

Of course we know that while a snapshot test score is not a full measure of the potential a student has to be successful in life, it is what our state and nation uses to evaluate school performance and college readiness.  These tests do not measure the social and emotional components of a student’s readiness for life beyond high school.  We at MCC understand that taking a holistic approach to education is best- one that nurtures not only the mind but also the heart.  We keep our mission of “providing educational excellence through diverse learning experiences to develop respectful, responsible, and productive citizens with high values and integrity” at the forefront as we make educational decisions and strive to live our vision of working together to develop successful learners with high values and integrity.  We seek to educate the whole child and consider our students’ academic preparedness to be one major component of this.  We also work to teach them responsible ways of using the information they learn and that the way they treat others matters.        

Jake Scandrett- HS Principal


I have included the graph of our latest MCA data and how MCC compares to other area schools.