Students Testing

As we begin the second semester of the school year at MCC, preparations are in place for the MN state tests.  These tests take place every spring and are required.  We hope parents keep the testing dates in mind when scheduling trips and/or appointments for your students.  It is best for the students to be in school on the scheduled test dates rather than having to do make-up testing.  The testing calendar is posted to our school website each year before school starts.  The upcoming test dates are listed below:


February 24-28                   ACCESS for ELLs                                                                                                               

March 24                              ACT at MCC for Juniors who registered          

April 2-3                               Grade 10 MCA Reading                                    

April 8-9                               Grade 8 Reading MCA                                      

April 15-16                           Grade 7 Reading MCA                                                      

April 21-22                           Grade 11 Math MCA                                         

April 22-24                           Grades 3-6 Reading MCA                                

April 23-24                           Grade 8 Math MCA                                            

April 28-30                           Grades 3-6 Math MCA                                      

April 28-29                           Grade 7 Math MCA                                            

April 30-May 1                    HS Science (GR 10 Biology) Science MCA                   

May 4-6                                 Grade 5 Science MCA                                       

May 5-6                                 Grade 8 Science MCA                                       


The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has many testing resources available on their website:

Included on this page are frequently asked questions, parent fact sheets, test preparation suggestions, and much more. 


The PearsonAccess Next website is the portal to all Pearson testing services used by Minnesota school districts: When you click on the “Preparing for Testing” link, you will find several resources there including “Item Samplers” which are actual online practice tests that students can take for each subject.


To help students have the best results, it is recommended that they get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch on the day of their tests.  Keeping up on their assignments, reading, and regular school attendance are the best preparations for success.


Let’s all have a great testing season this year at MCC!!


Mary Beech

Licensed School Counselor MCC District Assessment Coordinator