Gearing Up for Spring

It’s hard to believe that spring is right around the corner given the weather over the past couple of weeks, but the rhythm of our district now places us in full preparation for spring and beyond.  In schools all around Minnesota, districts are preparing students for course registration with class meetings, a review of course requirements and discussions about credits for graduation.  Students at MCC will start the registration process for next year’s classes during the week of January 27th

This next year, students will have some new classes to choose from.  A new social studies elective called Topics in Military History will explore the underlying economic, social, and cultural factors that have driven and influenced war over the centuries. A Medical Terminology course will offer students an introduction to commonly used medical terms and vocabulary as used by healthcare professionals.  Due to its success last school year, we will again run our Introduction to Engineering course to expose students to concepts of engineering and provide hands on experiences related to the engineering field. 

This year we will also have some summer class opportunities for our students to explore.  Made possible through our Achievement and Integration collaborative and dollars from Minnesota Department of Education, there are two free summer college classes available to current Sophomores and Juniors of Murray County Central and surrounding schools.  A survey to gauge interest was conducted and the courses that will be offered are Astronomy and Introduction to Criminal Justice.  Astronomy will feature a general overview of the science of astronomy. Topics include the history of astronomy, the nature of science, celestial motion, phases of the moon, gravity, Kepler’s Laws, light and spectroscopy, the Solar System, stars, galaxies, and cosmology. There will be lab activities to accompany many of the topics including spending time in SMSU’s Planetarium.  The Criminal Justice class will help students develop a general understanding of the criminal justice system and its response to crime in society today. Students will consider crime in the U.S, explore the key elements of the criminal justice system (policing, courts, and corrections), and examine a number of special issues relevant to criminal justice today.  Both courses will be offered in conjunction with Minnesota West and taught at Marshall High School.  

We are excited to offer these new opportunities for our students!  Murray County Central remains committed to providing access to challenging course programing that promotes career and college readiness. 

I also wanted to take a moment in this Rebel Roundup to let everyone know we are looking for substitute teachers at MCC.   While many people may not realize it, it can be quite difficult to find substitute teachers.  While we have been able to bring on some new subs this year, we still do not have enough to fill teacher vacancies on some days.  When teacher vacancies are not filled our teachers have to sub during their prep period, which leaves them less time to prepare for their regular classes. 

To work as a substitute teacher in Minnesota you need to obtain a substitute teaching license from the state. Like other teachers in this state, you also need at least a bachelor's degree; however, it does not have to be in the teaching field (only long term subs need a teacher license).  If you or someone you know meets these guidelines and are interested in subbing a couple days a week, please consider it!  The current sub pay at MCC is $120 per day and $60 for 1/2 day.

The following is information to assist in obtaining a short call sub license which is what is needed in order to substitute teach. 

To access info on the website: 


2. Select under heading "Aspiring Educators" the Apply for a License link: “Online Licensing System” – You will need a google account to apply. 

3. Follow the instructions for the new substitute license. 

4. Apply to be considered for a sub at MCC at

The general information phone number to teacher licensing at MDE is: 651-539-4200  

Jacob Scandrett- HS Principal