Thursday, July 16, 2020 – UPDATE BRIEFING

  • BACK TO SCHOOL REGISTRATION – Our annual back to school registration days will be held online this year. All forms, payments, signatures, class lists, schedules, etc. will be completed through our student information system (JMC Parent Portal). In person registration will still be available by appointment only. Payments may also be mailed in or dropped off if online payment is not desired. Look for the registration window to be open during the second week of Aug. All updates to contact information can take place at that time.
  • FREE/REDUCED MEAL APPLICATION – Free meal applications are now open here. Applications MUST be completed each year even if you have qualified in previous years. We encourage everyone to apply! The District free/reduced % is used to determine many federal and state funding sources that help ALL students.
  • BACK TO SCHOOL – As of today, we are planning to start school in an in-person setting on Sept. 8 for grades 7-12 and Sept. 9 for grades K-6. This decision will of course be contingent upon further guidance from MDE/MDH that is supposed to come at the end of the month.  Back to School Conferences for grades K-6 are also being planned for Sept. 2 & 9. Appointments/Sign-up for these times will take place during the online registration window.
    • Scenario 1 – All students back with minimal restrictions on activity.
    • Scenario 2 – Hybrid Model with greater restrictions on distancing and capacity.
    • Scenario 3 – Distance Learning with no students in the buildings.
      • In Scenario 1 & 2, students who are unable to attend due to health or other reasons will be able to receive distance learning from MCC staff.
      • In Scenario 2, all students who are comfortable attending in-person will be able to attend with our square footage. Strict social distancing will be followed in all areas which may require relocation of some classrooms to larger areas.
      • MASKS – As of today, masks will be required on buses, upon entry and leaving school, and during passing time. They will be strongly encouraged but not required in the classrooms. We are requesting people to bring their own masks. No words or images will be permitted, only solid or patterned masks will be allowed. If students are unable to bring their own mask, one will be provided. *Any executive orders from the Governor requiring masks will override all local decisions.

Scenario planning and their details are still being worked on. Once these are complete, these will be sent out and communicated with parents. We completely understand how frustrating it is to not know what is going to happen this fall.  I can assure that when we know, we will communicate information out as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued support of our Administration, Teachers, and most importantly, our students.  This continues to be a very trying time for everyone but together, we will continue to do great things.

Joe Meyer – Superintendent