Before School:

Parent Health Screening of their children.  Stay home if you are sick. 

Make sure your children have a mask (no images/ or words will be permitted on masks).  Masks are required on the bus. All buses will have masks and hand sanitizer available for students if they forget.

AM Buses:

All rural student will be picked up first and dropped off at Central and West at 7:45 or later.

Once rural students arrive, there will be 3 or 4 buses then picking up town and daycare students eligible to ride the bus. These students will be dropped off at Central and West by 8:05.

Central students will enter and dismiss at Door 4 (Kindergarten Entry) and Door 2 (NW Door). West Students Grade 2-4 will enter and dismiss at Door 1 (Main Entry) 5/6 students will enter and dismiss at Door 8 (South Entry).  Reminder students are required to wear masks on the bus.

School day begins

7:45- Students may not be in the building until 7:45am.  NO AM recess. Upon entry, all students will drop their things at their locker, clean/sanitize their hands and head to their classrooms. Central and West: All students will eat breakfast in their classrooms.

Students should have clear water bottles as only filling stations will be available for use.  If students do not have a water bottle one will be provided.

8:10 Announcements and a COVID 19 symptom checklist read for students each day. 

8:15 Student day begins with opening activities. Students will be self-contained by homerooms throughout the day and practice social distancing as much as possible.

11:15 (West) Lunch rotation All students will eat in the cafeteria. Students will be socially distanced during their lunch period. The district will provide “Gaiters” for each student. They will put them on before going to lunch, go through the lunch line, pull them down while eating, then place up again to go outside for recess. Gaiters will remain around their neck while eating and during recess time. Central: Kindergarten will eat at 11:20 and 1st grade at 12:05 in the cafeteria. Gaiters will be worn when going and returning from lunch. Gaiters will be kept at school during the week. Students will bring home at the end of the week to be washed and return the following week.


Central: Students being picked up by parents/guardians- 3:00 by the HS Gym doors. All bus riders will load buses at 3:05.

West: Students being picked up by parents/guardians and Walkers/Bike riders- will be dismissed at 3:10. Parents/Guardians should line up on 26th Street and enter the one-way staff parking lot at 3:10 to pick up their children. Please pull up to the 5/6 entrance and park. Students will come to you. All bus riders will load buses at 3:15.


Our top priority is to keep students and staff safe during this pandemic. If we all follow the safety guidelines every day, this will increase our chances of remaining in school.

Staff will provide mask breaks throughout the day as this will be a big change for everyone.

Staff and students will practice good hygiene throughout the day (washing hands, disinfecting computers, desks, tables and any shared materials) as well as wearing masks and practicing social distancing. A thorough cleaning will be done at the end of each day.

Office Procedures: Parents will not be allowed in the building this year except in the case of scheduled appointments or emergencies. If you are coming to pick up your child, you will ring the door bell and our administrative assistant will ask you to wait in the entry while we send your student down. In the event you need to drop something off for your child, we will ask you to leave it in the entry, and we will get it to them. The rationale for these changes is to keep fewer people from entering the building and ultimately keep everyone safe.

  • See our 2020-2021 Reopening Plan Handbook on our website for full details.

Please contact me at 507-8360-6450 ext. 5102 or email with any questions.

I understand that we are entering uncharted waters once again, but know that the staff and I are so excited to have the students back and committed to making the best of this opportunity.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Todd Burlingame

MCC Elementary Principal