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MCC Scholarship Program

On behalf of the MCC Scholarship Program, I would like to thank the organizations, businesses, families, and individuals who so generously support our MCC graduates in their post-secondary endeavors.  The class of 2020 received 62 scholarships totaling over $44,000! 

In December, we will begin the planning for our 2021 scholarship program.  I want to share how the program works in case anyone would like to contribute.  The scholarship donors set up the criteria for each award.  The criteria can be based on financial need, program of study, community service, academic ability, specific interests, extra-curricular involvement, etc.  The seniors each fill out one application for the program and must obtain a recommendation from a teacher, coach, boss, or other adult who is familiar with their achievements.  The Scholarship Committee carefully reviews all the applications and recommendations, matching the criteria to the most deserving senior.  The donors are notified of the recipients for their final approval.  The scholarships are presented at the Senior Awards Program on the Friday before graduation.  This ceremony is open to the public.  Representatives from the organizations and families are invited to present their scholarships.

The scholarship award money is sent to the 2-year or 4-year college which the student is attending.  The money is applied toward their second semester tuition for their first year of college.  The student must submit a copy of their second semester schedule before the money is disbursed. 

Each year we add new scholarships as our program continues to grow.  If you are interested in setting up a scholarship in memory of or in tribute to a loved one, or in the name of your organization or business please contact me at the high school and I will assist you with the process.  We plan to have all the 2021 scholarship in place by February as the application process takes place in March.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

Mary Beech

MCC Scholarship Program Coordinator