Rebel Round Up              

During the month of March at Murray County Central High School, the TEAM has organized “Kindness Month”.   The TEAM organization at MCC is dedicated to bullying prevention and spreading kindness through various school-related activities. Some of the activities that we assisted with included the following: creating a bulletin board that encouraged students and staff to take affirmation statements from a variety of topics to lift their spirits (love, patience, hope, kindness, and happiness), participating in designated kindness-week dress up days which includes wearing orange every Friday, creating a kindness banner for students to pose with in the hallway to initiate change within the school system which was titled, “Be the I in Kind.” Students participated in a “find the leprechaun scavenger hunt” activity each day during the week of St. Patrick’s Day. The student that found the leprechaun each day was rewarded with their choice of a $5.00 gift card donated by Kim Holm at State Farm. We would like to thank Kim Holm at State Farm for making these donations to help make Kindness Month a huge success—we appreciate what you do for the community.  

                For the month of March, the TEAM members have not only focused on being kind to others at MCC, but students were also busy with creating anti-bullying presentations to spread kindness to students at the Elementary. Every year the TEAM leaders go to the Elementary classrooms to give these presentations, and we’ve found that the younger students really enjoy them and look forward to having the TEAM members come visit. Since we are still navigating the challenges of the COVID pandemic, the TEAM members will record their elementary presentations and send them to Mrs. Beech—and she will share those with the staff members at the elementary and ask them to share the message with their students.

We want Kindness Month to end on a positive note, our last activity that students will participate in is called “Scrabble Day,” when TEAM members will come to school wearing a letter and have to get together with other classmates to try to spell out kindness words and phrases.  This activity will ultimately help to remind students what kindness is all about and how we should treat one another.

In Kindness,

Destiny Carlson, MCC Counseling Intern