New wood router- designed engraving by Keigan Behnke

As the snow comes down on this e-learning day, it’s hard to believe that spring is right around the corner.  It’s that time of year when we begin full preparation for next fall.  In schools all around Minnesota, districts are preparing students for course registration with class meetings, a review of course requirements, and discussions about credits for graduation.  Students at MCC will start the registration process during the week of January 31st.    

 Our students will have some new opportunities at MCC next year.  In my last Rebel Roundup I shared about the CEO class that students will have a chance to join.   We have been working with the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship to bring the CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) program to our district.  The CEO program’s purpose is to connect high school students with local businesses in their communities.  The idea behind it is that by exposing our students to the many businesses in our community they will gain a better understanding of what opportunities exist.  They will also learn how different businesses operate, what services those businesses provide, and what to consider as they build their own business plans. This program provides students with the time to walk through creating a business plan and the ability to implement that plan by starting their own business.  Ultimately, CEO is a course designed to utilize partnerships that help students develop an understanding of business development and processes. 

 Another opportunity students will have is to learn how to use our new Computer Numerated Control (CNC) wood router.  This machine will be utilized to help students enhance their projects in our woods and other industrial tech classes.  The introductory picture to this article is a product of the new wood router- designed and programmed by Keigan Behnke.  The added bonus here is that students will get some experience in computer programming with this machine as they design their projects. 

 This year we will also have some summer college class opportunities for our students to explore.  Made possible through our Achievement and Integration collaborative and dollars from Minnesota Department of Education, there are two free summer college classes available to current Sophomores and Juniors of Murray County Central and surrounding schools.  A survey to gauge interest was conducted and Child Growth and Development and Body Structure and Function were the students’ top picks.  These courses will be offered in conjunction with Minnesota West and taught at Marshall High School.  The descriptions to these courses are below:           

1) ED251, Child Growth and Development is a 3-credit course that is an introductory study of child growth and development from conception through adolescence with a concentration on the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional domains of development. Emphasis areas of the course include historical foundations and theories associated with the study of child development, the research process, the implications of teaching and learning, student diversity and pertinent topics associated with the possible effect of environment and behavior on prenatal development through adolescence.  This class will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00am-12:00 noon.  There will be online, asynchronous work requirements to be completed during the remainder of the week.

 2)HC1151 3, Body Structure & Function (Health Core) is a 3-credit course that introduces the study of human anatomy and physiology. A study of body organization, chemistry, cells and tissues leads into exploring the normal structure and function of each body system. Emphasis is also placed on terminology and abbreviations. This class will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00am-12:00 noon.  There will be online, asynchronous work requirements to be completed during the remainder of the week.


 While it is not a class but rather an activity, for the first time this year students had the opportunity to participate in Mock Trial.  This program is a court simulation where students play various courtroom roles and learn about legal scenarios while acting them out.  Their performance is judged (literally) and they receive feedback as they compete against other teams.  The learning in this activity is really understanding the legal justice system and the different roles individuals play in that process.

 I also wanted to take a moment in this Rebel Roundup to let everyone know we are looking for substitute teachers at MCC.   While many people may not realize it, it can be quite difficult to find substitute teachers.  While we have been able to bring on some new subs this year, we still do not have enough to fill teacher vacancies on some days.  When teacher vacancies are not filled our teachers have to sub during their prep period, which leaves them less time to prepare for their regular classes. 

To work as a substitute teacher in Minnesota you need to obtain a substitute teaching license from the state. Like other teachers in this state, you also need at least a bachelor's degree; however, it does not have to be in the teaching field (only long term subs need a teacher license in a specific field).  If you or someone you know meets these guidelines and are interested in subbing a couple days a week, please consider it!  The current sub pay at MCC is $125 per day.  (We are also in need of para subs $15.51/ hour and kitchen subs $12/hour, if that would be a better fit)

The following is information to assist in obtaining a short call sub license which is what is needed in order to substitute teach. 

To access info on the website: 


2. Select under heading "Aspiring Educators" the Apply for a License link: “Online Licensing System” – You will need a google account to apply. 

3. Follow the instructions for the new substitute license. 

4. Apply to be considered for a sub at MCC at


The general information phone number for teacher licensing at MDE is: 651-539-4200  

Jake Scandrett- HS Principal