School Closings and Delays

The administrators of Murray County Central School District want to call to the attention of all parents and community members the emergency school closing procedures.


School closing announcements will use the term “Murray County Central Schools” and will apply to MCC High School, MCC Elementary School and Chandler Christian School. Announcements of emergency school closings, late starts, and event postponements or cancellations for any reason will be announced on the following media outlets:


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Google Play

KJOE - Slayton - 106.1 FM                                 MCC's Facebook page at KELO TV - Channel 11 or            MCC’s Twitter page at

In some cases, it is necessary to change the schedule for school activities late in the day. If these changes occur, please stay tuned to KJOE 106.1 FM for the latest developments and announcements. Please Do not call the school. Media outlets have also requested that students not call the station to ask if a school closing or delay has been announced. 

If severe weather conditions develop overnight or are imminent early in the morning, the decision to close school will be made sufficiently early in the morning so that students need not prepare to meet their bus. Please know, the radio station may not make the announcement until there is a break in pre-recorded programming and at other times they may make the announcement immediately upon receiving the information. If weather conditions gradually worsen during the school day, the announcement to close school will be made approximately one hour before students are released and transported. We urge parents’ cooperation to ensure that someone is home when their youngsters arrive. For parents who have teenagers that drive to school, we would encourage parents to ask these young people to leave school and proceed directly home, rather than risk more hazardous driving conditions by lingering around town. 

If a severe blizzard sets in during the day and you are concerned for your children, you may come and get them from the

Principal’s office. If conditions are too hazardous for bus operation, students will remain in school until weather conditions improve. We want to remind parents that the possibility exists that students may be stranded in a school bus for a period of time and youngsters should be dressed properly for severe winter weather to insure that they do not suffer from exposure.  

In the event it is announced that school will begin late, the “late start” will ALWAYS be a two-hour “late start”.  

When school is closed because of severe weather; all school events, activities, practices, including Early Childhood and Family Education will also be postponed or cancelled. The one exception to this is varsity athletic practice, which may be held. Rural varsity athletes are reminded, however, that they must have a “snow home” if they remain for practice under these conditions.