It takes a village

I’m sure all of you have heard the expression “It takes a village to raise a child” but what does this really mean? It truly does take all of us to ensure the success of our children here at Murray County Central.

A village is a cluster of humans living together in a defined area for safety and productivity in its most basic form. Villages are places where people know each other, rely on each other, and understand the strength in interdependence among all from within. Each village consists of individuals and families, but everyone works towards a common goal in the best and most successful villages. 

This is how I see our school district and the communities that make up Murray County Central. We are a village, and when we work together toward a common goal, to develop successful learners with high values and integrity, we will attain success.

We need teachers to prepare and deliver meaningful and engaging lessons. We need administrators to set lofty goals, monitor progress, and guide us in the right direction. We need office assistants, paraprofessionals, cooks, custodians, and other staff members to maintain our schools and support students, families, and classrooms in various ways. We need our elected school board leaders to provide a clear vision and the necessary resources to deliver quality education and programming to our children. We need taxpayers and community members to support and encourage our most prized possessions (our kids), and we need parents and families to be actively involved in our children's education and show them how important it is to participate in the learning experiences provided in our schools, enthusiastically, along with being the first educators by setting a good example to their children.

I could go on and on mentioning different groups and individuals vital to the success of our village and our children. Ultimately, we need everyone. We need YOU!

As we have just passed the two-year mark when COVID changed so many things in all of our lives, we continue to look forward to days ahead without the unprecedented challenges that this brought us. Getting back to putting 100% of our time and energy toward our mission of providing educational excellence through diverse learning experiences to develop respectful, responsible, and productive citizens with high values and integrity is something that we all are looking forward to.

If you would like to take a more active role in ensuring the success of our children, reach out to your child(ren) 's principal or to the Murray County Central District office to sign up to volunteer or apply to substitute as a teacher, paraprofessional, coach, bus driver, cook, or custodian. You can also join us as an employee for any of the positions that we have open that you may be qualified for. You can visit our Employment webpage to see our current full-time and part-time openings. We are grateful to have your support.

Joe W. Meyer - Superintendent