American Education Week

During this year's American Education Week—November 12-16, 2018—millions of educators, parents, students, and community leaders will join the National Education Association (NEA) in raising awareness about the critical need to provide every child with a quality public education. On behalf of the entire Murray County Central School District staff, thank you for your continued partnership and support in educating the children of our communities. American Education Week is an annual event commemorating education across the United States. This year is the nation’s 97th year in celebrating AEW. The annual theme, "Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility," reflects upon the vision of calling upon all Americans to do their part in making public schools great for every child so that they can grow and achieve in the 21st century.

Our school district here at MCC, with its excellent reputation, continues to attract high quality new staff while retaining our exemplary, current personnel. As a collaborative team, we work together bringing expertise and a wealth of experience to students each day. The support of our families and the communities continues to play a key role in the district's performance for which we thank all of you!

That support showed up over a year ago in August when the referendum vote for the new school addition passed. We are now in the final weeks of construction and will soon be able to utilize this new space for education classes and also for our educational athletic opportunities. The majority of the construction is complete with the block, steel, concrete, asphalt, plumbing and HVAV all being finished. The painting is currently in progress and this leaves the finishes of electrical, caulking, lights, equipment, hardware, some landscaping and the floor. The floor will be the very last thing to be installed as this will take some time to cure. All of these items are within the range of a 5-7 week timeline. This gives us an anticipated occupation date of mid to late December.  We will be able to utilize the new concession and restroom area for our first home girls’ basketball game on November 30th

The new addition will provide much needed additional space for our health and physical education classes along with additional space for extra-curricular practices and competitions. The added space will also allow for the opportunity to host tournament events and many community education events. With the walking track, community members will be able to utilize the facility to exercise along with other events. When the final punch list and inspections are finished, there will be a scheduled open house where the new addition will be open to the public to view. This is a much anticipated date where we again can thank the constituents of our district.

MCC is again providing everyone an opportunity to celebrate public education with us and encourage you to attend the 11th annual American Education Celebration on Tuesday, November 13th in the Central High School gymnasium. This night will be reserved for honoring deserving students and adults from Murray County Central. Included in the honors is the Murray County Central Wall of Fame award that is given to recognize outstanding lifetime achievement by people that have supported MCC. We will also be honoring individuals who are making a difference in ensuring every child receives a quality education.

There is much to celebrate in our schools. Murray County Central schools have continued to outperform the state averages on such indicators as the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment tests in Reading, Math, and Science. Our high school graduation rates far exceed the state average and for the past several years, our district scores at or near the top of all schools in Southwest Minnesota (both large and small) in these measurement assessments. Murray County Central schools set high expectations for students and have been successful in meeting those goals.

Again, we appreciate your continued support and partnership in educating the children and youth of the MCC community. We also want to express our gratitude to the business and community partners for their commitment to educating area students. Finally, commendations, recognition, and thanks to our team of excellent and caring staff members with whom you entrust your children each day of the school year.


Joe W. Meyer MCC Superintendent