welcome back

On behalf of the Murray County Central School District Board of Education, administrators and staff, we are excited to welcome our new and returning students and families to the start of the 2022-23 school year.  We have been working diligently throughout the summer in preparation for students returning to school and look forward to making this a wonderful year!

We are committed first and foremost to the success of our students and to doing what’s best for them. Throughout our district, you’ll find passionate educators working each day to help ensure excellent outcomes for all of our students We want to welcome and introduce our new staff members that have joined the MCC team. MacKenzie Delong (5th grade teacher), Grant Harms (6th grade teacher), Jason Wischnak (7-12 Social Studies), Taitum Timm (Early Childhood Special Education teacher), Melissa Sheppard (7-12 Guidance), Ashlee Sykora (Elementary Paraprofessional), and Jake Bleyenberg (Elementary Math Corps). These new staff members join an already dedicated staff here to carry out the district’s mission of providing educational excellence through diverse learning experiences to develop respectful, responsible, and productive citizens with high values and integrity. We have a vision of working together with our parents and the communities that we serve to develop successful learners. Education is a team sport and we don’t do our best work in isolation and we rely on our colleagues, our parents, and our communities to support us and in turn to support our students.

In each stage that we have gone through from March 2020 to today, these could be described as, and may have been the hardest times that we have faced in education. We are all hopeful that the most challenging times are behind us but it is very evident that when we face challenges, so long as we face them together, and work together, as a team, we can accomplish great things. This team includes our students, staff, parents/guardians, and communities.

The safety of our students, staff, and all who enter our buildings continues to be our highest priority. Instances of violence in schools serve as reminders about how important our safety protocols and procedures are in our schools.  Our staff receives training on safety procedures and response expectations for a variety of emergencies and the district works closely with local law enforcement on each of these protocols and procedures. Each school conducts regular emergency drills throughout the school year.

We want you to stay informed on District information as well as from each school site. School and District messaging via email, text, and phone calls will be sent using the contact information in the Parent Portal JMC account. Information can also be found on the district’s website at www.mcc.mntm.org or you can download the free school app by searching ISD 2169. We also use our social media sites to provide information and updates to the community.

Each year offers new possibilities, opportunities, and challenges for every student. Not everything will be easy, and there are sure to be bumps along the way this year. However, I encourage our families to keep open, positive lines of communication with the teachers and administration. An optimal educational experience for your child is rooted in strong school/family connections and positive relationships.

We encourage you to be an advocate for your child, and we ask that you do this through partnering with our outstanding staff.

Let’s make it a great year and we are excited for the students on September 6th (7-12) and September 8th (K-6).

Joe Meyer

Superintendent of Schools