MCC High School

With two and a half weeks under our belt here at MCC, students are starting to settle into the school routine.  Teachers are giving some of their first tests and quizzes, and students are busily studying, taking notes and relearning how to stay organized for their classes.  It feels good to be getting back in the swing of things and have the hallways full once again. 

During our annual back to school assembly this year we discussed goal setting, meeting those goals, and expectations for the school year.  At MCC we believe we must continue to improve and that there is always room for growth.  We have a hard working staff, great students, and a supportive community.  We know that the goals we set here at MCC help with the continuous improvement process, and we thank you for partnering with us.  In our assembly we also discussed handling hard better.  This concept is rooted in the idea that nothing in life is easy.  Things are difficult, and we can’t wait for things to get easier.  We need to learn how to handle hard better.  Life is difficult sometimes and learning new concepts is challenging.  Life changes, classes change, teachers change.  How do we handle change and challenging situations?  A big part of our job here is to help prepare students for their next stages in life.  We know that adulting is not easy and we want students to be ready for life outside high school and be productive, successful citizens of society.    

Some of the goals we set this year were related to our Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) data.  While our district continues to score higher than the state average in all assessed areas, we, like the state, saw a decline in our overall test scores.  This said, however, when we compare our district’s proficiency scores to the schools in our area of southwest Minnesota, we ranked first in math and third in reading.  We talk a lot about a tradition of excellence here at MCC.  Over the last several years, we have consistently ranked in the top three districts in SWMN.  We attribute this success to the hard work of our students, tireless effort of our staff, and full support of our community all working together to provide opportunities for students to achieve their highest potential.  Everyone from our teachers, volunteers, support staff, community members, students and parents deserves recognition for this accomplishment. Congratulations and thank you for the work you do on a daily basis to ensure every child is successful in school and life.

As we look at the calendar, we are very excited for our upcoming homecoming week and all the traditions homecoming brings.  Homecoming is scheduled from September 24th- 30th this year (for a full list of events please visit our district website).   From class wars to the parade, football game, dance and bonfire- we are planning a full scale MCC homecoming.  The pride and respect the students show during these activities is incredible, and I would suggest that the school spirit, pride, and unity we have as a district and community is, in part, inspired by these traditions.  We build a sense of community as we participate in these different activities and a true sense of Rebel Pride.  The events of homecoming help to establish a firm foundation for the entire year.  I would say that we are off to a great start here at MCC.

As we move forward this year, I want you to know that I look forward to working with our community to help make our district the best place it can be.  It truly takes all of us working together to help develop the potential in every student.  Thank you for your support.

Go Rebels!


Jake Scandrett

HS Principal

Murray County Central