Officials Recruitment

Would you like to stay involved with sports?  Do you want to provide a valuable service?  Would you like to contribute to the education of today's youth? Then become a sports official!  Men and women of all ages are needed to officiate at the high school level.  If you love sports, have a "feel" for the game, and a basic grasp of the rules you can be an official. Officials are a valuable part of high school athletics – you are needed and MSHSL member schools value your services!

I am often asked what is the greatest challenge when it comes to MSHSL activities. My answer would be hiring officials. The process can be a long one but without those people we would not be able to compete. I have been an AD for the past 12 years and I can say that the challenge for hiring officials has become increasingly difficult. Many crews are retiring, some are getting burnt out and some just aren’t enjoying it. Many people look at the Varsity/JV levels and just assume that there are plenty of officials because they are always there. The issue that we are running into is at the lower levels. Which is leading to the upper levels not being able to recruit or fill in the upcoming years. If anyone is looking to help out even at a lower level please email me: