MCC Fun Run

MCC Elementary had a lot of “fun” throughout the month of October as we completed two fun run activities. Every school goes through some sort of fundraising process to help fund various programs throughout the year. The goal of our fundraising effort at MCC Elementary this year was to provide an educational experience for our students, a meaningful incentive that promotes student well-being, and to take the pressure off of parents of having to “sell” different items. We conducted our first MCC Fun Run fundraiser, where students were asking for donations from various people to support student field trips, student activities, and various student projects that happen throughout the school year. In return, students participated in a “Fun Run” where each student attempted to run for 35 minutes and see how many laps they could complete. Through the fundraiser process, students received a Rebel Spirit Wear Shirt, various prizes based on donations they received, a daily character lesson, various class/grade competitions, pork burger picnic lunch, and the opportunity to enjoy a fun filled run with different music and tasks throughout the run. It was amazing to see the school spirit and watch the kids give great effort in the Fun Run. In total, we raised $32,580 in profit and all this money will directly benefit the MCC Elementary students. We want to say thank you to all business sponsorships, parents, community members, various donors and students for making this event such a great success. 

The other fun run that was completed in October had nothing to do with fundraising but had everything to do with school spirit and what is known as the “Trick or Trot.” Students had the opportunity to participate in a fun run while dressed in Halloween costumes. There were awards given out for each grade level on the best individual costume, the best group costume, and the overall top finishers for both boys and girls. It was so much fun to see the creativity students had with their costumes and the overall total participation was incredible. Shout out to Tim Bobeldyk for coordinating such a fun event for our school. These types of events help build a positive culture within our school district. Throughout the year we are fortunate to have a variety of opportunities for students to be creative, set goals, and build relationships. Who knew running could be so much fun?

Patrick Freeman

Murray County Central 

Elementary Principal