Throughout the school year, students have been earning “Rebel Bucks” for demonstrating respectful, responsible, and ready-to-learn behavior. The “Rebel Bucks” system is part of our school-wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) program that we have implemented at our school. Our goal is to continue to promote the various positive behavior that staff members see in the classroom, hallway, lunchroom, recess, etc. We also focus on areas where we have seen the most discipline problems and try to focus on how we can encourage more positive behavior in that specific environment. Each week we conduct a PBIS Assembly where we draw students from the “Rebel Bin,” where students submit their earned “Rebel Bucks,” and students receive a prize if drawn. At K-1 we use a “spin the wheel” where if students are drawn, they come up in front of the assembly and spin a wheel that has various prizes. If you come by during this assembly, you may hear chants of “spin the wheel.” Grades 2-6 don’t have a “spin the wheel” feature but, instead, get to choose their prize from a choice board. Each month the prizes change for students to choose from. We try to include relationship and community involvement with our PBIS prizes, as some popular choices have been to ride in the police car, ride in a fire truck, or visit the bakery. Other popular prizes have included open gym, hot chocolate for the class, or a pizza party with a friend. We are fortunate to be part of a community that supports our school in various ways, and these prizes are a reflection of what a generous community we live in. Each week students look forward to the opportunity of hoping that their name gets drawn from the “Rebel Bin.” 

Another part of the program is a whole school goal of filling the “Rebel Bin.” When the bin is full, then we have a school-wide celebration day. This rewards the consistent behavior that students have shown throughout the year with something fun to do as a whole school. We are proud to announce that the bin is full, and students will participate in “Sledding Day” on January 24th. Each grade level will get an hour to go sledding at the Slayton Country Club. We are embracing the snow that we have received and trying to create a fun activity that students will remember. We are proud of our students here at MCC and the respectful, responsible, and ready-to-learn behavior that they show on a day-to-day basis.

Patrick Freeman

Murray County Central

Elementary Principal