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ISD #2169

ISD #2169, about 7 hours ago

Live music at child care today! Thank you Mrs. Ethridge! view image

MCC Schools

MCC Schools, 1 day ago

Daily Brief 10 - Monday, March 30, 2020 Starting today, there will be 2 briefs a week during distance learning (Mondays and Thursdays). view image

MCC High School

MCC High School, 1 day ago

Good morning! This is just a reminder that distance learning is now underway. Please make sure your student is checking in for attendance with their teachers everyday for each class. If your child cannot access their email or google classroom, have them call 836-1779 to reach Mr. Berndt our technology director. Thank you.

MCC Schools

MCC Schools, 1 day ago

5 Distance Learning Tips for Parents view image